Package com.atlassian.confluence.renderer

Interface Summary
MacroManager Retrieval, registration and unregistration of macros.

Class Summary
BlogPostReference This class is used to represent blogpost reference in markup required for rendering.
BlogPostReferenceParser Parse the part of a resource identifier in wiki markup which identifies a blog post.
ConfluenceHeadingBlockRenderer Creates anchor values in a Confluence specific way.
ConfluenceIconManager Deprecated. since 4.0
ConfluenceLinkRenderer Renders Links titles using i18n for link tooltips
ContentIncludeStack A simple ThreadLocal stack to prevent circular content includes.
NoAnchorHeadingBlockRenderer A heading block renderer which places the anchor name in the ID of the heading, rather than generating a separate empty anchor element.
PageContext Context object that gets passed to the renderer to tell it what circumstances the page is being rendered in.
RenderResult The result of a wiki rendering: the main payload is, of course, the rendered content, but we may during the course of the render want to collect more information like page structure, or excerpts or so on, so this gives us a simple metadata facility.
ShortcutLinkConfig Defines a shortcut link in a serializable way.
UserMacroConfig Defines a user macro.
UserMacroLibrary A library of user defined macros, stored in and retrieved from Bandana on request.

Enum Summary
ConfluenceRenderContextOutputType Similar to com.atlassian.renderer.RenderContextOutputType However these output types are specific to confluence rendering.

Exception Summary

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