Package com.atlassian.confluence.labels

Interface Summary
DisplayableLabel Provides getter methods for a Label that can be displayed.
EditableLabelable An interface which extends the immutable interface of Labelable with functionality to be able to add and remove labels.
Labelable Interface for objects that can have labels applied to them.
LabelManager The label manager provides all that is necessary for interacting with labels.

Class Summary
DefaultLabelManager Default implementation of the label manager interface.
Labelling An ostensibly immutable object that represents the link between labels and the content they label.
LabelParser The Label parser understands the formatting of label strings.
LabelPermissionSupport Performs permission checking for label editing actions
NamespaceLabelFilter Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
ParsedLabelName The label reference object encapsulates the unique string representation of a label within confluence.
PermittedLabelView This wrapper exposes only those labels and functions of the labelable object that the specified user is permitted to view.
VisibleLabelFilter This filters a list of label objects, returning those labels from the list that the specified user should see.

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