Class ClasspathUploadablePlugin

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Plugin, UploadablePlugin
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public class ClasspathUploadablePlugin
extends Object
implements UploadablePlugin

An uploadable plugin that can be loaded as a classpath resource via ClassLoader.getResource(String).

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
ClasspathUploadablePlugin(String key, String displayName, String resourceName)
          Specifies a plugin to be loaded from a classpath resource.
Method Summary
 String getDisplayName()
 File getFile()
 String getKey()
          The plugin key of the plugin.
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Constructor Detail


public ClasspathUploadablePlugin(String key,
                                 String displayName,
                                 String resourceName)
Specifies a plugin to be loaded from a classpath resource.

key - the key of the plugin
displayName - the visible name of the plugin, used to verify its installation
resourceName - the path to the plugin JAR as a classpath resource
Method Detail


public String getKey()
Description copied from interface: Plugin
The plugin key of the plugin.

Specified by:
getKey in interface Plugin


public String getDisplayName()
Specified by:
getDisplayName in interface Plugin
the full name of the plugin, used to ensure that the plugin was uploaded successfully


public File getFile()
Specified by:
getFile in interface UploadablePlugin
the JAR file of the plugin to upload.

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