Interface FormAware

All Known Implementing Classes:
ChangeMyPasswordAction, ConfigureRssFeedAction, ConfigureThemeAction, CreateSupportZipAction, EditEmailSettingsAction, EditMyProfileAction, EditMySettingsAction, EditorSettingsAction, EditUserAction, GeneralConfigurationAction, RaiseSupportRequestAction, SecurityConfigurationAction, SiteSupportAction, ViewMyEmailSettingsAction, ViewMyProfileAction, ViewMySettingsAction, ViewUserProfileAction

public interface FormAware

This interface has to be implemented if the new AUI form styles are being used. New form templates have two states, view and edit mode. To know which state to display, the action has to implement the FormAware interface that returns whether the current action should display the form in view mode or not.

Method Summary
 boolean isEditMode()

Method Detail


boolean isEditMode()

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