Package com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.migration.macro

Class Summary
ContentEntityMigrationBatchTask Attempts to migrate a contentEntityObject with a wiki markup content body to XHTML.
ContentRemigrationAction Content migration action displays a count of the number of pages with unmigrated wiki markup macros and provides access to the MacroMigrationService to migrate them.
IndexingBatchTask<T extends Searchable> A decorating batch task, re-indexing the searchable that the task is applied to.
MacroMigrationService Provides a way to find and migrate pages with the unmigrated wiki markup macro.
MigrationRequiredListener Listens for plugin enabled events and requests the macro migration service to update the migration required flag when one is encounted.
RemigrationLifecycleItem Lifecycle item to run a remigration of pages that have unmigrated wiki markup macros, this is only performed if the service deems it is required.
SearchResultsBatchWorkSource<T> Provides a worksource from a searchQuery, the query should return searchResults that can be converted ContentEntityObjects

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