Interface WikiToXhtmlSiteMigrator

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultWikiToXhtmlSiteMigrator, PageTemplateWikiToXhtmlSiteMigrator

public interface WikiToXhtmlSiteMigrator

A component responsible for performing the conversion of wiki formatted content within Confluence to XHTML format.

Method Summary
 boolean isSiteMigrationInProgress()
 ExceptionReport migrateSite()
          Migrate the entire site from wiki to Xhtml storage.

Method Detail


ExceptionReport migrateSite()
                            throws MigrationException
Migrate the entire site from wiki to Xhtml storage. Only one migration can be in progress at any time.

IllegalStateException - if a call is made when a migration is already in progress
MigrationException - wrapping any exceptions which occur during the migration


boolean isSiteMigrationInProgress()
if a migration is currently in progress

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