Package com.atlassian.confluence.cache.tangosol.hibernate

Interface Summary
InvokableHibernateCache This interface introduces the InvokableHibernateCache.invoke(Object, com.tangosol.util.InvocableMap.EntryProcessor) method on top of net.sf.hibernate.Cache interface to leverage Coherence's InvocableMap support which replaces the common lock->get->calculation->set->unlock concept with a less latency one.

Class Summary
CoherenceCacheStrategy This class is a copied from ReadWriteCache.
CoherenceCacheStrategy.Item An item of cached data, timestamped with the time it was cached,.
CoherenceCacheStrategy.Lock A soft lock which supports concurrent locking, timestamped with the time it was released
CoherenceHibernateCacheProvider A Hibernate cache provider which uses Tangosol's distributed caches under the covers.
CoherenceInvokableHibernateCache Simple decorator class to map hibernate caches to Confluence caches
DefaultInvokableHibernateCache This is just a wrapper around caches that only implement net.sf.hibernate.Cache but not InvokableHibernateCache.

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