Package com.atlassian.confluence.themes

Interface Summary
ColourScheme Poorly named.
CustomLayoutManager Manager for layouts -- theme-like Velocity templates that can be edited from within the Confluence administrative UI.
ThemeResource Represents a custom stylesheet or javascript associated with a theme.
ThemeStylesheet Deprecated. since 3.4.

Class Summary
AttachmentHelper Helper class providing access to an Attachment.
BaseColourScheme A Confluence L&F colour-scheme that is editable - colours are stored in a map in memory.
BasicTheme A theme that is loaded from a Confluence plugin.
ChainedColourScheme A simple colour scheme that looks through a list of colour schemes until it finds a matching colour (or null if none found).
ColorSchemeBean Provides accessors for all the expected colours in a ColourScheme.
DefaultColourScheme The default Confluence colours, loaded from file in the classpath.
DefaultTheme Represents the default Confluence theme with stylesheets.
DefaultThemeManager For CONF-9959, this manager will only retrieve theme settings from bandana if the system has been successfully upgraded.
ExperimentalUnsupportedTheme Like BasicTheme, but allows you to do some truly evil stuff like overriding Velocity results and turning off Sitemesh.
PageHelper Note - this is not a helper for the Page object but rather a helper for rendering pages in Confluence themes in general.
PluginThemeResource A theme stylesheet which is a resource in a plugin.
ThemeContext Context object placed in the HttpServletRequest attributes that the theme manager can use to determine what the 'context' of the current request might be.
ThemeContextInterceptor Interceptor to put information in the Http Request object that can be used by the themeing subsystem to determine which theme to apply to the request.

Enum Summary

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