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Packages that use TinyUrlAware

Uses of TinyUrlAware in com.atlassian.confluence.pages.actions

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.pages.actions that implement TinyUrlAware
 class AbstractCreateAndEditPageAction
 class AbstractCreatePageAction
          Functions shared between creating pages and blog posts.
 class AbstractDiffPagesAction
 class AbstractEditAttachedFileAction
          Deprecated. since 2.9
 class AbstractEditPageAction
 class AbstractFileAttachmentAction
          Deprecated. since 2.9
 class AbstractPageAction
 class AbstractPageChangeAction
          Deprecated. since 2.9
 class AbstractPreviewPageAction
 class AbstractTemplatePageAction
          An abstract action for actions that use page templates.
 class AddCommentAction
 class CopyPageAction
 class CreateBlogPostAction
 class CreatePageAction
 class CreatePageEntryAction
          An action that performs relevant authorisation checks when trying to enter the 'add page' screen.
 class DiffPagesAction
 class DiffPagesByVersionAction
 class EditBlogPostAction
 class EditCommentAction
 class EditPageAction
 class ExportWordPageAction
          Deprecated. since 2.9
 class InsertImageInPageAction
          Deprecated. since 3.1 this action is no longer required by Confluence. Use AttachFileAction to attach files and AttachedImagesAction to view the current attached images.
 class PageInfoAction
 class PageVariablesAction
 class RevertPageBackToVersionAction
 class ViewChangesSinceLastEditAction
 class ViewChangesSinceLastLoginAction
 class ViewPageAction
 class ViewPageAttachmentsAction
 class ViewPreviousVersionsAction

Uses of TinyUrlAware in com.atlassian.confluence.themes

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.themes that implement TinyUrlAware
 class PageHelper
          Note - this is not a helper for the Page object but rather a helper for rendering pages in Confluence themes in general.

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