Package com.atlassian.confluence.macro.xhtml

Interface Summary
MacroManager Interface for the XHTML macro manager.
MacroMigration Represents a task that will transform a MacroDefinition for migration.

Class Summary
DefaultMacroMigrationManager Listens for plugin events and registers / unregisters the macro migration tasks with itself.
DelegatingReadOnlyMacroManager A Macro Manager which looks for named macros in an ordered manner through a list of delegate MacroManager's it maintains.
PlainTextMacroMigration Migration task for migrating plain text Macros.
RichTextMacroMigration Takes a macro with wiki-markup in its body and converts it to XHTML storage format.
UserMacroLibraryMacroManager An Xhtml MacroManager implementation that delegates to an encapsulated UserMacroLibrary.
UserMacroPluginMacroManager A MacroManager responsible for keeping track of user macros loaded via the plugin subsystem.
V2MacroToUnmigratedWikiMarkupMacroMigration Responsible for wrapping a string containing a wiki macro declaration (say "{foo}bar{foo}") inside an XHTML wiki markup macro.
XhtmlMacroManager Listens for PluginModuleEnabledEvent and PluginModuleDisabledEvent to register Macros with itself.
XhtmlWikiMarkupMacroMigrator A Migrator that accepts storage format XHTML and will attempt to convert any instances of unmigrated-wiki-markup macros found to be direct storage XHTML format and therefore replacing the unmigrated-wiki-markup block.

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