Package com.atlassian.confluence.macro

Interface Summary
CustomHtmlEditorPlaceholder An interface implemented by a Macro that wishes to provide its own HTML placeholder to the Confluence Editor.
Macro Represents a Confluence macro.
MacroDefinitionDeserializer Responsible for deserializing to a MacroDefinition.
MacroDefinitionSerializer Responsible for serializing a MacroDefinition.
ResourceAware Interface for making Macros resource aware.

Class Summary
ContentFilteringMacro Convenience class that provides default values for macros which retrieve content from somewhere else in Confluence.
GenericVelocityMacro A configurable and generic macro that renders a Velocity template as part of its execution.
LazyLoadingMacroWrapper Used to wrap a Macro in a LazyReference.
MacroDefinitionRequestDeserializer Responsible for deserializing the encoded representation of a MacroDefinition produced by MacroDefinitionRequestSerializer.
MacroDefinitionRequestSerializer Serializes a MacroDefinition first into wiki markup and then base64 encodes the wiki markup.
MacroDefinitionWikiMarkupDeserializer Serializes a MacroDefinition to wiki markup format.
MacroDefinitionWikiMarkupSerializer Serializes a MacroDefinition to string in wiki markup.
MacroExecutionContext Container for the execution context of a macro (i.e., the state passed to it on Macro.execute(java.util.Map, String, com.atlassian.renderer.RenderContext)).
V2CompatibilityMacro A wrapper macro that retains compatibility with our old V2 macros.
V2CompatibilityModuleDescriptorPredicate Predicate class that encapsulates the logic of determining whether a particular module descriptor should be accepted as a v2 compatibility module descriptor.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
CustomHtmlEditorPlaceholder.PlaceholderGenerationException An exception thrown if there is a problem in generating the custom placeholder.
MacroExecutionException Thrown when there is an error executing a macro.

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