Uses of Interface

Packages that use FormAware

Uses of FormAware in com.atlassian.confluence.admin.actions

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.admin.actions that implement FormAware
 class CreateSupportZipAction
 class GeneralConfigurationAction
 class RaiseSupportRequestAction
           An action to gather and e-mail information about the system to Atlassian.
 class SecurityConfigurationAction

Uses of FormAware in com.atlassian.confluence.dashboard.actions

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.dashboard.actions that implement FormAware
 class ConfigureRssFeedAction

Uses of FormAware in com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.doctheme

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.doctheme that implement FormAware
 class ConfigureThemeAction

Uses of FormAware in com.atlassian.confluence.user.actions

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.user.actions that implement FormAware
 class ChangeMyPasswordAction
 class EditEmailSettingsAction
          This class is used by the doeditsettings action
 class EditMyProfileAction
          Updates the user's profile (editmyprofile.action)
 class EditMySettingsAction
          Used to edit the logged in user's preferences (homepage, timezone, and language)
 class EditorSettingsAction
          Handles the viewing and editing of a user's Editor settings.
 class EditUserAction
 class SiteSupportAction
 class ViewMyEmailSettingsAction
 class ViewMyProfileAction
          The action to view the logged in user's profile.
 class ViewMySettingsAction
          Action to view the logged in user's preferences (homepage, timezone, and language).
 class ViewUserProfileAction

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