Class KeySpaceLocator

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.core.service.AbstractSingleEntityLocator
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
SpaceLocator, EntityLocator, SingleEntityLocator

public class KeySpaceLocator
extends AbstractSingleEntityLocator
implements SpaceLocator

A space locator that uses a space key to find a space.

Constructor Summary
KeySpaceLocator(SpaceManager spaceManager, String spaceKey)
Method Summary
 ConfluenceEntityObject getEntity()
          Get the entities that matches the query represented by this locator.
 Space getSpace()
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Constructor Detail


public KeySpaceLocator(SpaceManager spaceManager,
                       String spaceKey)
Method Detail


public Space getSpace()
Specified by:
getSpace in interface SpaceLocator


public ConfluenceEntityObject getEntity()
Description copied from interface: SingleEntityLocator
Get the entities that matches the query represented by this locator. If no entities match the query, this method will return null.

Specified by:
getEntity in interface SingleEntityLocator
the entity matching the locator's query, or null if no such object is found.

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