Package com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.transformers

Interface Summary
FragmentTransformationErrorHandler Handler that responds to problems in fragment transformation.
Transformer Parses one format and outputs as another.

Class Summary
DefaultFragmentTransformer This can be thought of as the top-level Transformer since it includes the behaviour of writing out any events that have no specific handling configured.
ElementTransformingFragmentTransformer A FragmentTransformer that can be configured to transform individual Elements it reads.
Html4VoidElementFragmentTransformer Takes xhtml fragments for TEXTAREA (either as empty elements or as a matching pair of elements) and returns it as a single unclosed element (as required by the HTML 4 spec).
LazyLoadingFragmentTransformer A FragmentTransformer which delegates to another FragmentTransformer identified by bean id.
RemoveApostropheEntityTransformer A Transformer that removes that apostrophe entity which is invalid in HTML.
ThrowExceptionOnFragmentTransformationError Just propagates the exception thrown in fragment transformation as a runtime exception.
TransformErrorToHtmlPlaceholder Transforms erroneous fragment into an error placeholder which can be displayed in the editor and on view.

Exception Summary
TransformationException The base class for all exceptions arising from XHTML transformation.

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