Package com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.links

Interface Summary
HrefEvaluator The marshalling of links involves creating the actual href attribute describing the destination of the link.
LinksUpdater Used to update the links on a piece of content.
OutgoingLinksExtractor Extracts OutgoingLinks from ContentEntityObjects.

Class Summary
AbsoluteHrefEvaluator Produces absolute URL's / HREF's for the specified object.
DefaultHrefEvaluator An HrefEvaluator which knows how to generate href values for ConversionContextOutputType.DISPLAY and generates relative links for the browser.
HtmlExportHrefEvaluator An HrefEvaluator that will generate links appropriate for HTML exported content.
OutputTypeAwareHrefEvaluator An HrefEvaluator which inspects the ConversionContextOutputType in the ConversionContext and evaluates href values appropriately for the output type targeted.
WebLink A model object representing a web link in Confluence content as opposed to a Confluence resource link.
XhtmlLinksUpdater Updates all canonical links in an XHTML document to reflect a modified space key or title or both.
XhtmlOutgoingLinksExtractor You should note that this implementation of the OutgoingLinksExtractor is actually a 'reference' extractor.

Exception Summary
LinksUpdateException Checked exception thrown when there is an error updating the links on a piece of content (normally in response to a renaming of moving of content to a different space).

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