Class ContextUtils

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.velocity.ContextUtils

public final class ContextUtils
extends Object

Utilities for manipulating Velocity contexts.

Method Summary
static void putAll(org.apache.velocity.context.Context dest, org.apache.velocity.context.Context source)
          Copies entries from a source Context to a destination Context.
static Map<String,Object> toMap(org.apache.velocity.context.Context context)
          Convert a velocity Context into a map.
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Method Detail


public static Map<String,Object> toMap(org.apache.velocity.context.Context context)
Convert a velocity Context into a map.

Uses AbstractContext.getKeys() so is vulnerable to the same problems described with putAll(Context, Context)

context - Context to convert into a map
map of context values


public static void putAll(org.apache.velocity.context.Context dest,
                          org.apache.velocity.context.Context source)
Copies entries from a source Context to a destination Context.

This method is inherently unreliable because the implementation of AbstractContext.getKeys() used in other Velocity contexts doesn't delegate correctly. Because of this only values present in the outmost context of the source are likely to be copied.

dest - Destination context
source - Context to

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