Interface SpaceAware

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AbstractEditSpaceAction, AbstractLabelDisplayingAction, AbstractPaginatedListAction, AbstractSpaceAdminAction, AbstractSpacePermissionsAction, AddLabelToSpaceAction, AddSpaceToFavouriteAjaxAction, AddTeamLabelToSpaceAction, AlphabeticalListLabelsAction, AlphabeticalListPagesAction, ChildrenAction, ChooseThemeAction, ConfigureSpaceLogoAction, DirectoryViewListPagesAction, EditNotificationsAction, EditSpaceAction, EditSpaceEntryAction, EditSpaceLabelAction, EditSpacePermissionsAction, EmptyTrashAction, FindRestrictableEntitiesAction, GetPagePermissionsAction, ImportMboxAction, ImportPagesAction, ListAttachmentsAction, ListLabelsBySpaceAction, ListOrphanedPagesAction, ListPermissionPagesAction, ListUndefinedPagesAction, PageChildrenAction, RankListLabelsAction, RecentBlogPostsAction, RemoveSpaceAction, RemoveSpaceEntryAction, RemoveSpaceFromFavouriteAjaxAction, ReorderPageDialogAction, SpaceAdminAction, SpaceColourSchemeAction, SpaceEditDecoratorAction, SpaceEditStylesheetAction, SpaceLookAndFeelAction, ViewLabelAction, ViewMailAccountsAction, ViewMailArchiveAction, ViewSpacePermissionsAction, ViewSpaceSummaryAdminAction, ViewTrashAction

public interface SpaceAware
extends Spaced

Indicates that an action may have a space set on it by the SpaceAwareInterceptor

Method Summary
 boolean isSpaceRequired()
          If the action requires that the space be set before being run, then it should return true to this method.
 boolean isViewPermissionRequired()
 void setSpace(Space space)
          IOC method for setting the space on the action.
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Method Detail


void setSpace(Space space)
IOC method for setting the space on the action. This is called from the interceptor

space - the space that the action will be working on.


boolean isSpaceRequired()
If the action requires that the space be set before being run, then it should return true to this method. If the action requires a space, but no space is available, then the interceptor will automatically redirect to the 'pagenotfound' result

true if the action requires a space in order to execute


boolean isViewPermissionRequired()
true if the action requires view space permission

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