Class ContentTypeCategoryMapper

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ContentTypeCategoryMapper
extends Object
implements CategoryMapper

Class that maps docId's to categories based on their content type.

Constructor Summary
ContentTypeCategoryMapper(byte[] contentTypeFieldCache)
Method Summary
 Category getCategory(int docId, Set<Category> categories)
          Returns the Category that this docId belongs to.
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Constructor Detail


public ContentTypeCategoryMapper(byte[] contentTypeFieldCache)
Method Detail


public Category getCategory(int docId,
                            Set<Category> categories)
Description copied from interface: CategoryMapper
Returns the Category that this docId belongs to. It must be one of ones specified in the passed in set of categories.

Specified by:
getCategory in interface CategoryMapper
docId - the id to find a category for
categories - confines category mapping to those categories contained in this set
the category for this docId. If a category is found that does not belong in the specified categories, or no category was found for this docId, then null is returned.

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