Class DefaultResultCategoriser

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultResultCategoriser
extends Object
implements ResultCategoriser

Constructor Summary
DefaultResultCategoriser(CategoryMapperFactory categoryMapper)
Method Summary
 Map<Category,> categorise(DocumentResultScores resultScores, ResultTemplate resultTemplate)
          Categorises documentScores into categories defined in the specified resultTemplate.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultResultCategoriser(CategoryMapperFactory categoryMapper)
Method Detail


public Map<Category,> categorise(DocumentResultScores resultScores,
                                                                         ResultTemplate resultTemplate)
Description copied from interface: ResultCategoriser
Categorises documentScores into categories defined in the specified resultTemplate. If no results are found for any particular category, then an empty TopDocCollector is assigned that category.

Specified by:
categorise in interface ResultCategoriser
resultScores - the scores for each document.
resultTemplate - the required grouping of results
results keyed by category

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