Class SearchResultRendererCache

  extended by

public class SearchResultRendererCache
extends Object

The class caches the list of search result renderers installed in the system.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 List<SearchResultRenderer> getSearchReslultRenderers()
          Return the most current list of renderes.
 void setPluginAccessor(com.atlassian.plugin.PluginAccessor plugAccessor)
          Setter for the pluginAccessor that is needed to get hold of the plugins installed.
 void updateCache(boolean updateIfNull)
          Update the cache.
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Constructor Detail


public SearchResultRendererCache()
Method Detail


public List<SearchResultRenderer> getSearchReslultRenderers()
Return the most current list of renderes. The list is unmodifiable. The list is lazily initialized so the first call after startup will be slower than any subsequent calls.

unmodifiable list with all renderers. This list is zero length or longer depending on how many renderers are installed.


public void updateCache(boolean updateIfNull)
Update the cache. This method is called by event listeners and should in general not be called by anyone else. The flag indicates if the list should be initialized if it has not been so already. IF the list is intilazied this method will always update the list regardless of the parameter.

updateIfNull - if true always update the list. If false only update the list if it has already been initialized, however if the list is already initialzed this parameter is ignored.


public void setPluginAccessor(com.atlassian.plugin.PluginAccessor plugAccessor)
Setter for the pluginAccessor that is needed to get hold of the plugins installed.

plugAccessor -

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