Class DefaultMacroBrowserManager

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.macro.browser.DefaultMacroBrowserManager
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultMacroBrowserManager
extends Object
implements MacroBrowserManager

Default MacroBrowserManager implementation. Retrieves macro metadata and "extra" details from plugin descriptors, a fallback file, and notification help.

Constructor Summary
DefaultMacroBrowserManager(MacroMetadataManager metadataManager)
Method Summary
 Set<MacroCategory> getMacroCategories()
          Returns the available macro categories.
 Set<MacroMetadata> getMacroMetadata()
          Returns the metadata for all macros in the system.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultMacroBrowserManager(MacroMetadataManager metadataManager)
Method Detail


public Set<MacroCategory> getMacroCategories()
Returns the available macro categories.

Specified by:
getMacroCategories in interface MacroBrowserManager


public Set<MacroMetadata> getMacroMetadata()
Returns the metadata for all macros in the system. Macro metadata might be retrieved from the fallback XML file in Confluence if there's none in the macro itself.

Specified by:
getMacroMetadata in interface MacroBrowserManager

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