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Packages that use Jsonator

Uses of Jsonator in com.atlassian.confluence.json

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.json with parameters of type Jsonator
 void JsonResult.setJsonator(Jsonator<Object> jsonator)

Uses of Jsonator in com.atlassian.confluence.json.jsonator

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.json.jsonator that implement Jsonator
 class AttachmentJsonator
          Creates JSON objects for attachments.
 class BreadcrumbJsonator
 class ContentMetadataJsonator
 class DefaultJsonator
          Converts a Java Bean to a JSON object.
 class EntityJsonator
          Converts a User or Group into a JSON object prior to serialization.
 class I18nJsonator
          A Jsonator for i18n Message objects.
 class SearchResultJsonator
 class ValidationAwareJsonator
 class ValidationErrorJsonator

Constructor parameters in com.atlassian.confluence.json.jsonator with type arguments of type Jsonator
DefaultJsonator(Introspector introspector, Map<Class<?>,Jsonator<?>> jsonators)
DefaultJsonator(Map<Class<?>,Jsonator<?>> jsonators)
          Creates a jsonator with the DefaultIntrospector and provided jsonators.

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