Interface Summary
UserManagementHelper Abstracts the process of creating/removing/updating users and groups so that we can use external user management in test cases.

Class Summary
ActiveDirectoryDirectoryConfiguration Configuration with a read-write AD directory followed by an internal directory.
CrowdDirectoryConfiguration A directory configuration useful for remote crowd directories.
DefaultDirectoryConfiguration A configuration with a single internal directory, like when Confluence is first installed.
LdapReadOnlyDirectoryConfiguration A configuration with a LDAP read-only directory followed by an internal directory.
LdapReadOnlyLocalGroupsDirectoryConfiguration Configuration with a single LDAP directory with "Read-Only with Local Groups" permission.
LdapReadWriteDirectoryConfiguration Configuration with an LDAP read-write directory followed by an internal directory.
LdapService Starts an LDAP server on the first available port within the range.
LdapUserManagementHelper Implementation of UserManagementHelper that talks directly to the configured LDAP server.
SimpleDirectoryServiceFactory An implementation of DirectoryServiceFactory which doesn't suffer from DIRSERVER-1504, where the schema LDIF files can fail to be extracted when the java.class.path system property is not set to a meaningful value.

Enum Summary
DirectoryConfigurationCapability An enumeration of the capabilities of a particular configuration, as checked by DirectoryConfiguration.can(DirectoryConfigurationCapability).

Exception Summary

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