Interface Summary
QuartzJob Quartz Job to be triggered.

Class Summary
ConfluenceRpc A client-side stub of the Confluence remote API.
ConfluenceSoapRpc Handles RPC over SOAP.
EventWaitingLatch Latch that allows acceptance testing code to wait for a specific Confluence event to be published on the server side before proceeding with assertions.
RpcAssertions Some common assertions that crop up while testing RPC methods
RpcPluginHelper Uses a ConfluenceRpc to perform plugin operations.
StartOfTestLogger Singleton to log a message on the server reporting the start of each test.

Enum Summary
ConfluenceRpc.Version Enumeration of all supported versions of the Confluence remote API
RpcLogDestination The destinations to which log messages can be sent.
StandardConfluenceJob Standard Confluence Jobs to trigger.

Exception Summary

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