Interface ObjectPersister

All Known Implementing Classes:
HibernateKeyPersister, HibernateMembershipPersister, PropertySetItemPersister, ReflectiveObjectPersister

public interface ObjectPersister

Handles the persistence of objects imported from a backup. The DefaultObjectPersisterFactory is responsible for determining which persister should be used for which object. Most imported objects are handled by the ReflectiveObjectPersister.

Method Summary
 List<TransientHibernateHandle> persist(ImportProcessorContext context, ImportedObject object)
          Persist a given imported object.

Method Detail


List<TransientHibernateHandle> persist(ImportProcessorContext context,
                                       ImportedObject object)
                                       throws Exception
Persist a given imported object.

context - the context of the current import operation
object - the object to save.
a list of handles of the objects that were saved. If IDs are being rewritten on import, this list should still contain the pre-rewriting ID as it appears in the backup file
Exception - if something goes wrong. To avoid duplication of "wrap everything in one exception type" code in every persister, it is assumed wrapping happens at a higher level.

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