Package com.atlassian.confluence.importexport.impl

Interface Summary
ExportFileNameGenerator An interface for a class which can generate meaningful and unique (for a single VM) names that may be used as file names in the export process.
ImageProcessingRule A TagRule that is responsible for processing image tags.

Class Summary
AbstractXmlExporter abstract class that deals strictly with the conversion of a objects to an xml stream
BackupExporter converts _all_ objects in confluence to xml (used for making site-wide backups)
BackupRestoreHibernateUtil Util to remove lazy-loading and proxying from all objects in a hibernate configuration, as they just get in the way of backups.
CleanTempDirectoryJob Removes files from the Confluence temporary files directory.
ConfluenceTempDirExportFileNameGenerator A file name generator that will create directories and filenames appropriate for the configured Confluence temporary directory.
DefaultExportEmbeddedResourceRenderer Class that passes on the rendering of an EmbeddedResource to the correct export renderer

Requires that the PermissionManager attribute be set, in order to resolve permissions for attachments (it is not injected by Spring)

ExportEmbeddedResourceRenderer Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
ExportImageDescriptor A descriptor for an exported image.
FileXmlExporter Performs the file IO side of the export/backup

For example: - copying attachments to temp directory - copying config files

Then performs the zipping and packaging into a zip file

HibernateObjectHandleTranslator Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
HtmlImageParser This class parses html and extracts all the image tags required for exports using the given image processing rule.
HtmlImageProcessingRule Processes image tags for html exports.
TrivialObjectHandleTranslator Handle translator that uses the object itself as its own handle.
UnexpectedImportZipFileContents Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
WikiExporter Deprecated. since 4.0.
XMLDatabinder Converts Hibernate data structures into an XML format used for backups
XmlExporter exports all entities added to the "working entities" collection in the context, to xml used for making page and space xml exports

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