Package com.atlassian.confluence.cache

Interface Summary
CacheConfigManager Manages cache configuration changes (such as max cache size).
CacheConfigurationLoader A Cache configuration loader.
CacheManagerKeys Deprecated. since 3.0 put cache keys in the class which uses the cache
CacheStatistics Interface for reporting cache statistics
CacheStatisticsManager Provides information on how effective each managed cache is.
ReadThroughCacheFactory Implemented by cache factories that can provide special read-through cache functionality.

Class Summary
CacheAdapter Delegates to an underlying cache.
CacheOperations A cache operation recorder.
DeferredOperationsCache An implementation of Cache that records changes to a delegate cache, only actually performing them when DeferredOperationsCache.sync() is called.
ThreadLocalCache A generic cache for "stuff" that is only needed for the lifetime of a web request or scheduled job.
ThreadLocalCacheAccessor<K,V> A type-safe way of accessing the threadlocal cache
TransactionalCacheFactory A cache factory that produces transactional caches.
WarnBeforeMethodAdvice Logs a warning before running the intercepted method.

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