Uses of Interface

Packages that use HasLinkWikiMarkup

Uses of HasLinkWikiMarkup in com.atlassian.confluence.pages

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.pages that implement HasLinkWikiMarkup
 class AbstractPage
          Parent of the concrete Page and BlogPost classes
 class Attachment
 class BlogPost
 class Comment
 class Page
          Represents a Page within Confluence.

Uses of HasLinkWikiMarkup in

Classes in with type parameters of type HasLinkWikiMarkup
 class WikiLinkableContentEntityBuilder<T extends ContentEntityObject & HasLinkWikiMarkup>

Uses of HasLinkWikiMarkup in com.atlassian.confluence.user

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.user that implement HasLinkWikiMarkup
 class PersonalInformation

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