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Packages that use UserAware

Uses of UserAware in com.atlassian.confluence.rss.actions

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.rss.actions that implement UserAware
 class NetworkFeedAction
          Generates a feed of the people who are being followed by a specified user.

Uses of UserAware in com.atlassian.confluence.user.actions

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.user.actions that implement UserAware
 class AbstractUserProfileAction
 class ChangeMyPasswordAction
 class EditEmailSettingsAction
          This class is used by the doeditsettings action
 class EditMyProfileAction
          Updates the user's profile (editmyprofile.action)
 class EditMyProfilePictureAction
          Action used to handle the Picture page of user profile editing.
 class EditMySettingsAction
          Used to edit the logged in user's preferences (homepage, timezone, and language)
 class EditNotificationsAction
 class EditorSettingsAction
          Handles the viewing and editing of a user's Editor settings.
 class EditorSettingsAjaxAction
          Handles the editing of the default editor setting.
 class ResizeProfilePictureAction
          Action to resize a just-uploaded profile picture.
 class UploadProfilePictureAction
          Action used to handle newly uploaded user profile pictures
 class UserPopupAction
 class ViewFollowAction
          Action used by the follow tab
 class ViewFollowersAction
 class ViewFollowingAction
 class ViewMyDraftsAction
 class ViewMyEmailSettingsAction
 class ViewMyLabelsAction
          Allow a user to view there personal labels.
 class ViewMyProfileAction
          The action to view the logged in user's profile.
 class ViewMySettingsAction
          Action to view the logged in user's preferences (homepage, timezone, and language).
 class ViewUserActivityAction
          Used by the activity tab
 class ViewUserProfileAction

Uses of UserAware in com.atlassian.confluence.userstatus.actions

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.userstatus.actions that implement UserAware
 class ClearUserStatusAction
          This action clears/resets the specified user's status
 class StatusListAction
          Action used to show a paginated list of status updates for a particular user.
 class ViewUserStatusAction
          Action used to show a single status update

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