Package com.atlassian.confluence.setup.velocity

Interface Summary
VelocityContextItemProvider A provider of items for a Velocity context

Class Summary
ApplyDecoratorDirective An ApplyDecorator directive for Sitemesh.
ConfluenceStaticContextItemProvider Provides a context map containing default static utils available in all Velocity contexts provided at any time in the lifecycle of Confluence.
ContextItemProviderChain Chains a list of VelocityContextItemProviders, providing a map that is the aggregation of all providers.
DecoratorName Encapsulates the logic around creating and parsing decorator path names.
HibernateResourceLoader Load resources via Hibernate.
HtmlSafeDirective Marker directive to indicate that this template has been designed to work correctly with Anti-XSS measures.
NamedBeanContextItemProvider Context map provider which will construct a bean name to bean reference map from the configured bean names and return this singleton map for every invocation of NamedBeanContextItemProvider.getContextMap()
ParamDirective A ParamDirective for Velocity to add parameters to a decorator directive.
PluginContextItemProvider This context map provider will return a map of all currently enabled Velocity context item modules.
PrototypeBeanContextItemProvider Looks up the named bean each time in the application context before setting it in the Velocity context.
RenderVelocityTemplateDirective Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
SkipLinkDirective Surrounds the body in skiplinks so that the content can be skipped by screen readers USAGE: #skiplink (sectionName startLabel endLabel) body #end
TrimDirective Simple velocity directive for trimming whitespace from the rendered body.
WebResourceContextItemProvider Context map provider for web resources.

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