Package com.atlassian.confluence.plugin.descriptor.web.conditions

Class Summary
AbstractConfluenceCondition Deprecated. since 2.8 use BaseConfluenceCondition, which no longer has a dependency on the abomination which is GlobalHelper.
AbstractPermissionCondition Deprecated. since 2.8 use BasePermissionCondition
BasePermissionCondition Base class for conditions which check a permission on an object.
BuildNumberCondition Displays the web-item if the Confluence build number is between the minBuildNumber and maxBuildNumber parameter values.
ConfluenceAdministratorCondition Condition that restricts access to Confluence administrators (and those with greater privileges such as system administrators)
ContentHasAnyPermissionsSetCondition This condition checks if there are any content permissions applied to the current page.
DelegatingCondition Delegates all calls to the Condition passed to the constructor.
GlobalAdministratorOnlyCondition Deprecated. since 2.7.
HasAttachmentCondition Checks if the page in this context has any attachments
HasBlogPostCondition Only display the link if the user is viewing a blog post (as opposed to a page or some other content type)
HasPageCondition Only display the link if the user is working with a page (as opposed to a blog post or some other content type)
HasSpaceCondition Only display the link if the user is working within a space.
NotPersonalSpaceCondition Do not show web fragment if we are in a personal space
NotSharedModeCondition Only true when shared mode is not enabled
PeopleDirectoryEnabledCondition Only enabled if - the Confluence people directory disable properties have not been set the user is anonymous but has the VIEWUSERPROFILE permission Confluence is not running in shared mode
SpaceFunctionPermissionCondition A condition for checking the space function level permissions such as create space.
SystemAdministratorOrSuperUserCondition Condition that restricts access to system administrators and super users (those who belong to the confluence-administrators group)
ThreadedCommentsCondition Condition that checks if threaded comments is allowed in global settings.
ViewingContentCondition Only display the link if the user is viewing content (pages or blogs) but *only* viewing it - not editing, viewing info, attachments, etc.
ViewingOwnProfileCondition A condition to check whether you are currently viewing your own profile or not.

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