Provides an extensible, flexible search API.


Interface Summary
ISearch A representation of a search to be performed.
QueryFactory Used by the query deserializer to map between key/parameters and SearchQuery objects.
ResultFilter Represents some method for filtering search results before they are returned from the search subsystem.
SearchFilter A filter to be performed against the search index during search time (not post results).
SearchManager Facade for the v2 search API.
SearchQuery A query to be performed against the search index.
SearchResult An individual search result.
SearchResults The results of a search.
SearchSort Represents some method for sorting search results, and the order in which to search them.

Class Summary
AbstractChainableSearchFilter A super class that defines standard AND and OR chaining behaviour.
ChangesSearch Represents a search against change information.
ContentSearch Represents a search against Confluence content.
DefaultQueryFactory A default implementation of QueryFactory that maps query type keys to plugin module complete keys.
QuerySerializer Note: Query serialization and deserialization does not work for all possible permutations of query parts at the moment.
Search Deprecated. since 3.0.
SearchResultLink Represents a HTML link constructed from data contained in a search result (and ultimately the search index).

Enum Summary
SearchResultType Represents a confluence search result type.
SearchSort.Order Enum defining the types of ordering supported.

Exception Summary
InvalidQueryException Thrown when a smart list query could not be converted to an index query.
InvalidSearchException Superclass for exceptions thrown due to errors converting from a Search to the native search type.

Package Description

Provides an extensible, flexible search API. This API supercedes, and should be used for in preference to SmartListManager, SearchQueryBean, SearchScope, or accessing Lucene directly.

Package Specification

To external client code, this package provides a single service: SearchManager.

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