Class ChangesSearch

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public class ChangesSearch
extends AbstractSearch

Represents a search against change information. Change information is generated each time a person creates or edits content. This information can be queried to allow clients to track content updates.

Clients are also provided with filtering capabilities similar to the ContentSearch. For example, you can track all updates by one or more users by using the LastModifierSearchFilter.

A parameterised version of this search is provided in PredefinedSearchBuilder.buildRecentUpdateSearch(RecentUpdateQueryParameters, int, int)

See Also:
PredefinedSearchBuilder.buildRecentUpdateSearch(RecentUpdateQueryParameters, int, int)

Field Summary
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query, resultFilter, searchFilter, sort
Constructor Summary
ChangesSearch(SearchQuery query, SearchSort sort, SearchFilter searchFilter, ResultFilter resultFilter)
ChangesSearch(SearchSort sort, SearchFilter searchFilter, ResultFilter resultFilter)
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equals, getQuery, getResultFilter, getSearchFilter, getSort, hashCode
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clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public ChangesSearch(SearchQuery query,
                     SearchSort sort,
                     SearchFilter searchFilter,
                     ResultFilter resultFilter)


public ChangesSearch(SearchSort sort,
                     SearchFilter searchFilter,
                     ResultFilter resultFilter)

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