Interface Summary
IndexBuilder Builds an index to produce "did you mean" suggestions.
QuerySuggester.QueryTermDecorator Callback interface to allow custom decoration of individual terms inside a query suggestion
SuggestionFrequencyProvider Class responsible for determining how many times a particular suggestion occurs in a particular index.
SuggestionsProvider A class that provides suggestions that are either candidate correct spellings or simply words that similar.
WordSuggester Class that provides word suggestions.

Class Summary
BuildIndexTaskManager Class that manages a single did-you-mean index build task.
DidYouMean Class for declaring constants to for the "did-you-mean" feature.
DistanceHelper Edit distance class
IndexBuildCompleteListener This listener implements the business logic of enabling did-you-mean automatically for a user who has successfully built the supporting did-you-mean index.
QuerySuggester Class that provides suggestions on a query where one or more words are replaced with either: a spelling correction or a word that occurs more frequently (this is only provided for single term queries at the present time.
QuerySuggester.QuerySuggestion Class that represents a query suggestion
Suggestion Class that represents a suggestion to an incorrectly spelled word.
UpdateIndexJob Job that triggers of a rebuild of the did-you-mean index.

Enum Summary
Edit Enum that represents edits that can be used to transform one word into another.

Exception Summary
IndexIOException Runtime exception to indicate that there was an error reading from the index.

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