Class Summary
AttachmentEntityList A List wrapper for AttachmentEntity objects
CommentEntityTree Provides an expandable tree of comments
CommentEntityTreeExpander Expands a CommentEntityTree.
ContentEntity A simple bean to represent ContentEntityObject.
ContentEntityExpander A recursive EntityExpander to expand ContentEntity objects.
ContentEntityList A List wrapper for ContentEntity objects
DateEntity Represents a date value with various formats
SearchResultEntity A single search result
SearchResultEntityList Entity representing a search result
SpaceEntity A simple bean to represent Space.
SpaceEntityExpander A recursive EntityExpander to expand SpaceEntity objects.
SpaceEntityList A List wrapper for SpaceEntity objects
SpaceEntityListContext Represents the context for which SpaceEntityLists are queried in.
SpaceEntityUserPermissions A list of permissions that the viewing user has on a given space
SpaceEntityUserProperties Details about the space that are in the perspective of the current user.
SpaceEntityUserPropertiesExpander Expands a SpaceEntityUserProperties during the REST entity expansion.

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