Package com.atlassian.confluence.plugin.descriptor.web.conditions.user

Class Summary
CanSignupCondition Returns true if the global "allow public signup" setting is enabled in General Configuration.
FollowingTargetUserCondition Returns true if the logged in user is following the target user
TargetUserCanSetStatusCondition This determines whether the target user of a profile action can set their status.
TargetUserHasPersonalSpaceCondition Returns true if the target user has a personal space.
UserCanCreatePersonalSpaceCondition This condition will return true if a user had permission to create a personal space It will return false, if the user is null.
UserCanUpdateUserStatusCondition This determines whether the user is permitted to update their status
UserCanUseConfluenceCondition Returns true if the target user has the "can use confluence" permission
UserFavouritingTargetUserPersonalSpaceCondition Returns true if the user has the target user's personal space favourited
UserFollowingTargetCondition Deprecated. since 3.1 use FollowingTargetUserCondition
UserHasPersonalSpaceCondition Returns true if the user has a personal space.
UserLoggedInCondition Returns true if the user is not anonymous (i.e.
UserLoggedInEditableCondition A condition to check whether user can change their password in Confluence
UserWatchingPageCondition Returns true if the user has a watch specifically on the current page.
UserWatchingSpaceCondition Returns true if the user is watching the current space.

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