Class HiLoIdRepairUpgradeTask

  extended bycom.atlassian.confluence.upgrade.HiLoIdRepairUpgradeTask
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HiLoIdRepairUpgradeTask
extends Object
implements UpgradeTask

POSITION is a key word as far as HSQLDB 1.8 is concerned. Hence we need to rename it. however not many databases support a SQL rename command, so our first attempt involved trying to drop the column and add a new one it turns out that we cannot remove the POSITION column because it is part of composite primary key (and with values in the table, dropping the column will cause duplicate entries in the remaining PK column) further, hibernate's schemaUpdate autocreates the ANCESTORPOSITION column as part of the upgrade but fails to create it as a primary key -- not sure know why. instead of fighting with database dialects and integrity errors, we concluded its best and easier to just rename the table and allow schemaUpdate to create a new one this upgrade task handles the removal of the old table and the triggers off a populating of the new.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void doUpgrade()
 String getBuildNumber()
 Collection getErrors()
 String getShortDescription()
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Constructor Detail


public HiLoIdRepairUpgradeTask()
Method Detail


public String getBuildNumber()
Specified by:
getBuildNumber in interface UpgradeTask


public String getShortDescription()
Specified by:
getShortDescription in interface UpgradeTask


public void doUpgrade()
               throws Exception
Specified by:
doUpgrade in interface UpgradeTask


public Collection getErrors()
Specified by:
getErrors in interface UpgradeTask

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