Package com.atlassian.confluence.pages.persistence.dao

Interface Summary
AttachmentDao This interface defines the methods for classes acting as a DAO at the level of meta-data storage for Attachments.
AttachmentDaoFactory This interface defines a method by which an implementing class can return a wired AttachmentDao instance, given a particular data DAO.
AttachmentDataDao This interface defines the methods for classes acting as a DAO at the level of data storage for Attachments.
CachingAttachmentDao This interface defines the behaviour for AttachmentDao instances that provide some sort of caching of objects, which need to be flushed at times.
FileLocationResolver Classes that implement this interface return the location of a particular file or folder.
NonTransactionalAttachmentDataDao Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
TransactionalAttachmentDataDao Created by IntelliJ IDEA.

Class Summary
AbstractAttachmentCopier This method implements some of the methods from the AttachmentDao.AttachmentCopier interface.
BootstrapAttachmentLocationResolver This implementation returns the location of the default Confluence attachments directory, as set by the BootstrapManager.
BootstrapWebDavConfiguration This implementation returns the WebDAV configuration from the BootstrapManager.
GeneralAttachmentCopier This AttachmentCopier copies Attachments from one AttachmentManager instance to another, in the case where there are different storage implementations for data and/or meta-data.
GeneralAttachmentMigrator Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
SimpleFileLocationResolver This implementation allows a string to be passed in to set the File location.
SimpleWebDavConfiguration This implementation allows the WebDAV configuration to be specified.
WebDavAttachmentDao AttachmentDAO implementation for a WebDAV backend.

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