Class ThreadBuilder

  extended bycom.atlassian.confluence.mail.ThreadBuilder

public class ThreadBuilder
extends Object

Magical bean that takes a message, and builds a thread of related messages. You can only use a ThreadBuilder once.

The basic steps are: (1) Gather all related messages by doing exhaustive searches on message-ids, references and subject-lines. (2) Try to parent each message by its message-id and references. (3) Try to parent the remainder of messages by subject.

I assure you, when I wrote this class I understood it. Unfortunately, I can make no guarantees about still understanding it in a few months time. This is probably a bad sign. -- c

Does everything through Lucene, so if your search index is messed up, you don't get any threading.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 ThreadNode buildThreadAround(String spaceKey, String messageId)
          From a message-id, determine the thread in which that message is contained.
 void setLuceneConnection(LuceneConnection luceneConnection)
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Constructor Detail


public ThreadBuilder()
Method Detail


public void setLuceneConnection(LuceneConnection luceneConnection)


public ThreadNode buildThreadAround(String spaceKey,
                                    String messageId)
From a message-id, determine the thread in which that message is contained. All messages in the thread must belong to the same space.

spaceKey - the space in which the message is stored
messageId - the message-id of the message to thread
a ThreadNode object representing the thread in which the message is contained

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