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 interface Artifact
          Deprecated. since 3.0 Use ArtifactDefinitionContext

Classes in that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class DefaultArtifact
          Deprecated. since 3.0

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 interface BuildStrategy
          This interface is used to determine if a build should be built.
 interface DeploymentProjectPlanUpdateAwareBuildStrategy
          Deployment build strategy that is aware of change of deployment project's source plan
 interface PlanDeletionAwareBuildStrategy
          Interface that marks strategies which can be affected when Plan is being deleted.
 interface PlanKeyUpdateAwareBuildStrategy
 interface QuartzStrategy
 interface RepositoryAwareBuildStrategy
          Interface marking BuildStrategy that works with Source Repositories.
 interface SourcePlanAwareBuildStrategy
          Deployment build strategy that defines which plan is the source of the artifacts.

Classes in that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class AbstractBuildStrategy
          Common build strategy behaviour
 class AbstractQuartzStrategy
 class AfterSuccessfulPlanTrigger
 class CronTriggerBuildStrategy
          Build strategy specified by a cron expression
 class ManualBuildStrategy
          This class forces a manual build.
 class PollingBuildStrategy
          This class defines the build, only if the build has changed strategy.
 class SingleDailyBuildStrategy
          Builds once a day at a specified time.
 class StashBuildStrategy
          This class detects if remote events with Stash are working (it's new enough and everything is configured right) To make a triggered build.
 class TriggeredBuildStrategy
          This class lets someone else decide if the build should be built.

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.deployments.environments.strategy

Subinterfaces of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.deployments.environments.strategy
 interface DeploymentTriggerBranchSelectionModeAwareBuildStrategy
          Deployment build strategy that defines what branch selection mode it uses.

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.fieldvalue

Subinterfaces of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.fieldvalue
 interface OptionallyConvertibleFromConfig

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.plan.branch

Subinterfaces of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.plan.branch
 interface BranchIntegrationConfiguration
          This interface is used to store branch "integration strategy" settings - the thing that does the merge with an arbitrary branch (so called 'integration branch') prior to executing the jobs, and pushing the merge commit back to the repository after successful build.
 interface BranchMonitoringConfiguration
          This interface is used to store plan's branches monitor settings - the thing that monitors the repository for new branches in SCM and manages branches for that plan in Bamboo

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.plan.branch that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class BranchIntegrationConfigurationImpl
 class BranchMonitoringConfigurationImpl
          This class stores branch detection parameters
 class BranchSpecificConfiguration
          Dumping ground for any configuration specific to a branch.

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.git

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.git that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class GitHubRepository
 class GitRepository

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.hg

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.hg that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class BitbucketRepository
 class HgRepository
 class HgWebRepositoryViewer

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.hg.bitbucket

Subinterfaces of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.hg.bitbucket
 interface BitbucketDelegatedRepository

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.stash

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.stash that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class StashRepository
 class StashWebRepositoryViewer
          URL FORMATS: file revision/changeset diff

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository

Subinterfaces of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository
 interface BranchAwareRepository
          Repository that supports setting and getting the current branch.
 interface BranchDetectionCapableRepository
          Deprecated. use BranchInformationProvider instead.
 interface BranchInformationProvider
          Repository that can provide information about branches.
 interface BranchingAwareRepository
          Repository that supports branching operation.
 interface BranchMergingAwareRepository
 interface CachingAwareRepository
          Should be implemented by repositories supporting caching of its method calls.
 interface CheckoutCustomRevisionDataAwareRepository
          Repository that uses additional information for code checkout.
 interface CommitIsolationAwareRepository
          Whether the repository supports commits being broken up into individual builds
 interface CustomRevisionDataAwareRepository
          Repository that uses additional information for change detection.
 interface CustomVariableProviderRepository
          Allows the Repository implementation to provide variables specific to the repository.
 interface IncludeExcludeAwareRepository
 interface InitialBuildAwareRepository
          Allows the Repository to perform custom actions
 interface MavenPomAccessorCapableRepository
          Defines a repository which can setup itself using Maven SCM url as defined in
 interface OnceOffCapableRepository
 interface PreparableRepository
          This interface is introduced for the cases, when special preparation should be done (additional to ConvertibleFromConfig.populateFromConfig() The onPrepare method is called every time the repository is accessed by RepositoryReference} on the server side of Bamboo
 interface PushCapableRepository
          Repository that supports pushing changes back to the remote repository.
 interface QuietPeriodAwareRepository
          Repositories that implement this method will continue to collect changes for every QuietPeriodAwareRepository.getQuietPeriod() up to QuietPeriodAwareRepository.getMaxRetries() times.
 interface Repository
          Basic contract for interfacing with various version control repository systems.
 interface RequiresRepositoryData
          Repository that needs to know things about RepositoryData object that defines it.
 interface SelectableAuthenticationRepository
 interface StandaloneRepository
          Represents Repository that does not require Plan for configuration and thus is 'visible' to Global Repository feature.
 interface TaggingAwareRepository
          Repository that supports tags.

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class AbstractRepository
          This class provides common repository implementation code,
 class AbstractStandaloneRepository
          This class provides common repository implementation code for Repositories that can be used by Global Repository feature.

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.cvsimpl

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.cvsimpl that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class CVSRepository
          This class provides a CVS implemention of the Repository interface.

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.nullrepository

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.nullrepository that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class NullRepository

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.perforce

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.perforce that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class PerforceRepository
          This class provides a Perforce implementation of the Repository interface.

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.svn

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.svn that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class SvnRepository
          This class provides a Subversion repository for Bamboo.

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.ui

Subinterfaces of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.ui
 interface EditActionAwareRepository
          Repository that needs to perform additional actions before edit page is rendered for the repository and/or if additional, possibly failing, action needs to be taken before configuration is saved.

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Classes in that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class AppLinksSvnRepository
          This repository is a hack that uses applinks and inbuilt Bamboo SVN username/password for Bamboo.
 class AppLinksWebRepositoryViewer

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.trigger

Subinterfaces of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.trigger
 interface UpdatableBuildStrategy
          BuildStrategy that requires actions to be performed on creation, update and removal of Trigger

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Subinterfaces of ConvertibleFromConfig in
 interface CustomSourceDirectoryAwareRepository
          Repository that supports checkout to any directory.
 interface RepositoryEventAware
          An interface that allows the repository to do something before and after the checkout / update occurs
 interface RequirementsAwareRepository

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.webrepository

Subinterfaces of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.webrepository
 interface CommitUrlProvider
          If implementing this interface Bamboo's notifications can make use of it to provide web repository links within html emails
 interface DeploymentsAwareCommitUrlProvider
          CommitUrlProvider that 'knows' how to deal with deployments
 interface WebRepositoryViewer
          Module that decorates change information with required stuff for web repository browsing (e.g linking files) If you would like web repository links to be provided within you html notifications, also implement CommitUrlProvider

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.webrepository that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class AbstractWebRepositoryViewer
 class DefaultWebRepositoryViewer
          The code to show the commits etc when no web repository
 class NoWebRepositoryViewer

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.webrepository.fisheye

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.webrepository.fisheye that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class FisheyeWebRepositoryViewer
          URL FORMATS: file url/browse/reponame/file~ revision url/browse/reponame/file?r=XXX diff url/browse/reponame/file?r2=XX&r1=YYY -- is this working for perforce yet? - no.

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.webrepository.stash

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.webrepository.stash that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class LegacyStashWebRepositoryViewer
          Deprecated. use LegacyStashWebRepositoryViewer from new Stash plugin

Uses of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.xmpp

Subinterfaces of ConvertibleFromConfig in com.atlassian.bamboo.xmpp
 interface XmppMessageSender

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.xmpp that implement ConvertibleFromConfig
 class SmackXmppMessageSender
          Uses Smack to send an Instant Message to a XMPP compient server

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