Interface BuildResultsSummary

    • Method Detail

      • setChainResultsSummary

        void setChainResultsSummary​(@NotNull
                                    @NotNull ChainResultsSummary chainResultSummary)
      • getProducedArtifactLinks

        @NotNull Collection<ArtifactLink> getProducedArtifactLinks()
        Returns all artifacts produced by this build. Even if the files don't exist
      • getQueueDuration

        long getQueueDuration()
        How long build was in the queue (in miliseconds)
      • getVcsUpdateTime

        @Nullable Date getVcsUpdateTime()
        When the source syncronisation was kicked off
      • getVcsUpdateDuration

        long getVcsUpdateDuration()
        How long checkout take (in miliseconds)
      • getFilteredTestResults

        @Nullable FilteredTestResults<TestClassResult> getFilteredTestResults()
        Return a filtered view of all the tests that ran in this build. Provides some degree of caching but is still relatively intensive.
        a filtered view of all the tests ran in this build. Null if the builds hasn't finished yet.
      • clearResultVariables

        void clearResultVariables()
        Remove all result variables related to this result.