Class FileCopier

  extended by com.atlassian.bamboo.utils.FileCopier

public class FileCopier
extends java.lang.Object

This class provides common file copying code

Nested Class Summary
static class FileCopier.IoInputException
static class FileCopier.IoOutputException
Method Summary
static void copyStreams( inputStream, outputStream)
          Copies one stream to another.
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Method Detail


public static void copyStreams( inputStream,
                        throws FileCopier.IoOutputException,
Copies one stream to another. In case you don't need to differentiate between read and write exceptions, always use IOUtils.copy(). Note that IOUtils does not close the outputStream, this method does.

inputStream - input stream to copy from
outputStream - output stream to copy to
FileCopier.IoOutputException - IOException thrown in case of output error
FileCopier.IoInputException - IOException thrown in case of input error

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