Interface CommitIsolationAwareRepository

All Superinterfaces:
BambooPluginModule, BuildConfigurationAwarePlugin, ConfigurablePlugin, ConvertibleFromConfig, DescriptionProvider, InitablePluginModule, NameProvider, RenderableBuildConfiguration, Repository, RepositoryV2,
All Known Implementing Classes:
AppLinksSvnRepository, HgRepository, SvnRepository

public interface CommitIsolationAwareRepository
extends Repository

Whether the repository supports commits being broken up into individual builds

Field Summary
static java.lang.String COMMIT_ISOLATION_OPTION
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Method Summary
 boolean isCommitIsolationEnabled()
          Whether or not commits will be broken up into individual builds
 java.util.List<BuildRepositoryChanges> isolateCommits(BuildRepositoryChanges changes)
          Break the single build changes object into a list of BuildRepositoryChanges.
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Field Detail


static final java.lang.String COMMIT_ISOLATION_OPTION
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Method Detail


boolean isCommitIsolationEnabled()
Whether or not commits will be broken up into individual builds



java.util.List<BuildRepositoryChanges> isolateCommits(@NotNull
                                                              BuildRepositoryChanges changes)
Break the single build changes object into a list of BuildRepositoryChanges. Must not be null. May return an empty list but that doesn't actually make any sense.
The order here matters. The first of the BuildRepositoryChanges will be more likely to be built than lower changes, which may be discarded.

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