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 class ChainMovedEvent
          Synchronous event sent when Chain is being moved allowing plugins and Bamboo components to react on Chain key change.

Uses of ChainEvent in com.atlassian.bamboo.event

Subclasses of ChainEvent in com.atlassian.bamboo.event
 class ChainCompletedEvent
          Event that gets triggered after a chain completes
 class ChainCreatedEvent
 class ChainDeletedEvent
 class ChainResultDeletedEvent
 class ChainResultEvent
          Base class for chain result related events
 class ChainUpdatedEvent
 class FailedStageRestartEvent
          Event that gets triggered before a failed stage is restarted
 class ManualStageResumedEvent
          Event that gets triggered before a manual stage is resumed
 class PlanFavouriteAddedEvent
          Fired when a user favourites a Plan
 class PlanFavouriteEvent
 class PlanFavouriteRemovedEvent
          Fired when a user removes a favourite from a Plan
 class StageCompletedEvent
          Event that gets triggered after a stage completes
 class StoppedOnManualStageEvent
          Event that gets triggered after a chain stops on manual stage This event will be triggered after any StageCompletedEvent and before any ChainCompletedEvent related to the same build.

Uses of ChainEvent in com.atlassian.bamboo.event.artifact

Subclasses of ChainEvent in com.atlassian.bamboo.event.artifact
 class PlanArtifactDefinitionAddedEvent
          Event sent when ArtifactDefinition is added.
 class PlanArtifactDefinitionEvent
 class PlanArtifactDefinitionUpdatedEvent
          Event sent when ArtifactDefinition is updated.

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