Package com.atlassian.bamboo.ant.task

Interface Summary
AntTaskDescriptor Describes Ant task that will be run as a Bamboo task.

Class Summary
AbstractSingleAntBuildTask A Bamboo task that executes Ant task.

Generic configurator for Ant build tasks.

AntBuildTaskRunner Runs Ant task as build task.
AntBuildTaskUiBean Produces view/edit HTML for a single Ant task property.
AntTaskBuilder Build an Ant task instance using task descriptor and pre-configured introspector.
AntTypeIntrospector Wrapper around Ant's IntrospectionHelper.
NativeAntTaskExecutor A wrapper that provides standard Bamboo functionality to Ant Task
PropertyConfiguratorUtils Utility for property configurators.
SingleAntBuildTask Maps a single Ant task to a Bamboo build task.

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