Package com.atlassian.bamboo.task

Interface Summary
TaskConfigConstants Keys for some common task parameters.
TaskConfigurator Implement this class if you want the user to be able to configure your task.
TaskConfiguratorHelper Bucket of TaskConfigurator helper methods
TaskContext Encapsulates the environment and configuration of a task running in a building environment.
TaskDefinition A definition of one configuration of a TaskType
TaskIdentifier This interface defines a configured instance of a TaskType
TaskRequirementSupport Allows creators of TaskTypes to specify Requirements
TaskResult Represents the result of a TaskType execution.
TaskTestResultsSupport Allows creators of TaskTypes to utilise Bamboo's support for test results
TaskType An Executable Task.

Class Summary
TaskCategory Categories for TaskTypes
TaskResultBuilder Evaluates the execution of TaskTypes to produce a TaskResult
TaskState The state of a TaskResult

Exception Summary
TaskException When thrown indicates a problem with the execution of a TaskType

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