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Uses of TaskDefinition in com.atlassian.bamboo.task

Methods in com.atlassian.bamboo.task with parameters of type TaskDefinition
 void TaskConfiguratorHelper.addJdkRequirement(java.util.Set requirements, TaskDefinition taskDefinition, java.lang.String cfgJdkLabel)
          Add JDK requirement if JDK was defined in task configuration
 void TaskConfiguratorHelper.addSystemRequirementFromConfiguration(java.util.Set requirements, TaskDefinition taskDefinition, java.lang.String cfgKey, java.lang.String requirementPrefix)
          Add Executable requirement if Executable was defined in task configuration
 java.util.Set TaskRequirementSupport.calculateRequirements(TaskDefinition taskDefinition)
          Populates the RequirementSet needed based off of the TaskDefinition
 void TaskManager.calculateRequirementsForTaskDefinition(Buildable buildable, TaskDefinition taskDefinition)
          Attempts to add Requirements to the specified Buildable if the TaskConfigurator is an implementor of TaskRequirementSupport If requirements are already present for the specified TaskDefinition they will be removed and recalculated
 java.util.Map TaskConfigurator.generateTaskConfigMap(ActionParametersMap params, TaskDefinition previousTaskDefinition)
          Convert the params from the ui into a config map to be stored in the database for the taskDefinition.
 void TaskConfigurator.populateContextForEdit(java.util.Map context, TaskDefinition taskDefinition)
          Provide any required context to be used when rendering the freemarker template for view editing a task definition
 void TaskConfigurator.populateContextForView(java.util.Map context, TaskDefinition taskDefinition)
          Provide any required context to be used when rendering the freemarker template for viewing a task definition
 void TaskConfiguratorHelper.populateContextWithConfiguration(java.util.Map context, TaskDefinition taskDefinition, java.lang.Iterable keys)
          Populate Freemarker context with selected data from task configuration.
 void TaskManager.removeRequirementsForTaskDefinition(Buildable buildable, TaskDefinition taskDefinition)
          Removes all the Requirements that belong to the TaskDefinition
 boolean TaskTestResultsSupport.taskProducesTestResults(TaskDefinition taskDefinition)
          Returns true iff task defined by TaskDefinition produces test results.
 boolean TaskManager.taskProducesTestResults(TaskDefinition taskDefinition)
          Return true iff task defined in TaskDefinition is configured to produce test results.

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