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Uses of BaseCrumb in com.atlassian.breadcrumbs

Subclasses of BaseCrumb in com.atlassian.breadcrumbs
 class AllProjectCrumb
          Root crumb to diusplay all projects
 class BuildCrumb
          Crumb for a single Build object.
 class ProjectCrumb
          Crumb for a single Project object.

Uses of BaseCrumb in com.atlassian.breadcrumbs.admin

Subclasses of BaseCrumb in com.atlassian.breadcrumbs.admin
 class AdminCrumb

Uses of BaseCrumb in

Subclasses of BaseCrumb in
 class AbstractBuildCrumb
          Abstract class for Build level crumbs
 class AllBuildResultsCrumb
          Crumbs for the build history page
 class AllTestsCrumb
          Crumb for generic all tests page for build
 class BuildFilesCrumb
          Crumbs for files page for build
 class TestCaseCrumb
          Crumb for a single TestCase object.

Uses of BaseCrumb in

Subclasses of BaseCrumb in
 class AbstractBuildResultsCrumb
          Base crumb for BuildResultsImpl related crumbs
 class AllBuildTestResultsCrumb
          Crumbs for the page that lists tests for a given BuildResultsImpl
 class ArtifactsCrumb
          Crumbs for the artifacts page
 class BuildResultSummaryCrumb
          Crumb for a single BuildResultsImpl object.
 class CommitsCrumb
          Crumbs for the commits page
 class LogsCrumb
          Crumbs for the build log page
 class TestCaseResultCrumb
          Crumb for a single TestCaseResult object.
 class TestSuiteResultCrumb
          Crumb for a single TestClassResultWrapper object.

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