Interface RepositoryEventAware

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BambooPluginModule, ConfigurablePlugin, ConvertibleFromConfig, Repository, RepositoryV2,
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public interface RepositoryEventAware
extends Repository

An interface that allows the repository to do something before and after the checkout / update occurs

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 void postRetrieveSourceCode(BuildContext buildContext)
          postRetrieveSourceCode will run after the retrieveSourceCode method is called.
 void preRetrieveSourceCode(BuildContext buildContext)
          preRetrieveSourceCode will run before the retrieveSourceCode method is called.
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populateFromConfig, toConfiguration
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collectChangesSinceLastBuild, getSourceCodeDirectory, referencesDifferentRepository, retrieveSourceCode
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Method Detail


void preRetrieveSourceCode(@NotNull
                           BuildContext buildContext)
preRetrieveSourceCode will run before the retrieveSourceCode method is called. It allows you to do custom actions to prepare for the checkout such as some customised cleanup of the source directory.

buildContext -


void postRetrieveSourceCode(@NotNull
                            BuildContext buildContext)
postRetrieveSourceCode will run after the retrieveSourceCode method is called. The extension point allows you to easily set custom data, do any post checkout collection of data.

buildContext -

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