Package com.atlassian.bamboo.event

Interface Summary
FingerprintEvent An event that publishes the server's fingerprint
HibernateEventListener An event listener that'll be wrapped in a hibernate session when loaded by Spring through the HibernateInterceptor
InlineEventListener A marker interface to denote an event listener that should always be run inline (ie not async)
RemoteBroadcastEvent An event that will be broadcasted to all agents that are listening

Class Summary
BambooErrorEvent Represents an Error thrown in Bamboo, these can either be system errors or build errors.
BambooEventManager An event manager that runs InlineEventListener as it runs into them (will block other async calls) and all other listners asynchronousely
BuildCompletedEvent Event that gets triggered after a build completes
BuildConfigurationUpdatedEvent An event that occurs when the the build configuration is changed
BuildDeletedEvent Event triggered when a build plan is deleted
BuildEvent Generic base event for Events that captures a Build.
BuildHungEvent An event that is thrown if the build has been detected to have hung based on certain criteria.
BuildQueueTimeoutEvent User: mwent Date: May 19, 2009 Time: 4:20:07 PM
BuildResultDeletedEvent Triggered when a build result is removed
BuildResultEvent Base class for build result related events
BuildsMovedEvent Triggers when builds are moved
RemotableEventManager An event manager that rebroadcasts the an RemoteBroadcastEvent through a JmsTemplate
ServerFingerprintBroadcastEvent Event that broadcasts the fingerprint information
ServerStartingEvent An event that indicates that the server is starting

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